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Etsy Gift Guide - Made it Monday

Hello friends!

I'm back again with another Made it Monday with the Etsy Gift Guide Bloggers group.

This weekend I decided to make some pretty, colorful envelopes to add to my Etsy shop. There wasn't much else to do with how rainy and dreary it was over the weekend.

I made two designs. The first style was made from old geology maps. I love finding ways to upcycle old stuff. :)

The next style was made from floral and striped patterned papers. These ones turned out very pretty!

I plan on adding more designs of envelopes too.

That's it from me! Have a great rest of your Monday!


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1 Comment

Teresa Bri
Teresa Bri
Mar 30, 2020

I love the idea of using maps for the envelopes, they turned out great!

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