Welcome to Kelsey's Crafts. :)

My name is Kelsey Thomas. I am a chiropractor and owner of the Etsy shop WhiteFamilyCrafts ( I run this shop with my family, hence the shop name (my maiden name). We specialize in many different kinds of handmade goodies, including greeting cards, DIY card making kits, altered journals, smash books/albums, knitted scarves, knitted hats, knitted dishcloths, knitted/crocheted scrubbies, knitted/crocheted booties, and more! Visit the shop link to see more.

I started this blog to share my creative process with you. I've never done this before, so I'm sure there will be a big learning curve, and the style and content of my posts will change as I learn more. I am open to suggestions on content or changes that you think would be a good idea to make my blog more appealing.

I will also have affiliate links in my posts. These links will be to products that I use in the cards/projects that I share and will not have any additional costs for you when purchasing supplies. The money I earn from the affiliate links will go toward helping me buy more exciting new products to create new and exciting things!

Be sure to subscribe to my blog for updates, and follow my social media links at the top of the site. I look forward to building an awesome crafty community with you!


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