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Etsy Gift Guide - Tuesday Tips: Finding Your Niche

Hello friends!

I'm back with another Tuesday Tips for the Etsy Gift Guide Bloggers group. This week our topic is "finding your niche."

"Find your niche" is advice that we hear all the time as Etsy sellers. Finding your target customers can feel like a daunting task, especially if you are already feeling overwhelmed with starting your shop and have no idea what you are doing. I'll try my best in this post to help you figure out how to find your niche on Instagram and Pinterest.

The way that I find people who are interested in my products is by using all of my hashtags (most of the time) when I post a picture of a product. For example, with this post, I could have just used #butterflyjournal and #junkjournal as my tags (which is what I might have done when I first started out), but I forced myself to think of different tags to extend my reach to potential customers.

It is important when you use your hashtags to follow them. This helps you to see more related posts on Instagram so you can follow more people in your niche, which will help to boost your organic followers. You can then look at the posts from people you follow and learn more tags to use in your posts! :)

For Pinterest, I find it best to keep things organized into boards. I think you'll have an easier time finding people to follow you if you have things set out so it is easier to look at. For example, I have a "Card Ideas" board where I pin cool cards that I find (and a few of my own from my shop), but I also have a "White Family Crafts - Greeting Cards" board where I only pin my products. This way, you bring in more people who are pinning the ideas they find on Pinterest, and then they see your items sprinkled in among the other card ideas.

I try to follow people who follow me, as long as it makes sense. You want to follow people who pin things that interest you. I wouldn't make sense to follow a bunch of people who pin stuff you don't like because then you'll see those pins all of the time when you are on there looking for new ideas.

When I create new pins, I try to think of it the same way I do Instagram or when I'm writing tags/keywords on Etsy. Sprinkle as many relevant search terms as you can into your title and description so that people can find your pins when they search.

That's it from me! I'm not an expert when it comes to finding my niche, but I'm always trying to learn more and help my shop to be successful. I hope these tips helped you.


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Teresa Bri
Teresa Bri
Jun 09, 2020

Great tips, thank you for sharing!

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